Knowledge is power and people have a lot of resources to access these days, but it can be confusing to know which one would be the most valuable information in order to make the right move.

There are important milestones when you consider selling.

Step1: Planning & Pricing

  • Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring Any REALTOR®
  • Seller’s Considerations
  • Legal Process Overview
  • Money-Making Tips to Maximize the Value of Your home (Exterior, Interior and Showings)
  • Pricing Your Property (Dangers of Over-Pricing)
  • Comparable Market Analysis (This gives you an idea what the market is telling you the house is worth)

Step2: Process

  • What is covered in a home inspection?
  • Decommissioning Oil Tanks (if selling a detached home)
  • Negotiating the Deal

Step3: Finalizing

  • Moving Checklist
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